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Open Your NEW Deposit Account Today

Existing CME CU members can open a new deposit account by completing this secure form. Your application should take about 5 minutes to complete. To protect your privacy, the information you are about to give will be sent to us using a secured form.  For us to quickly process your membership, we ask you to provide all of the required information as incomplete applications may result in a delay.

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Agreement & Consent

By submitting my/our application I am applying for membership to CME CU and certify that:
  • The information provided by me related to this application is true, correct, and complete.  If found to be false CME CU may revoke any and all services it has granted to me.
  • I/we provide and authorization CME CU to obtain consumer reports, such as credit reports and deposit/share account reports, and to gather and exchange whatever credit, account, and employment information CME CU considers appropriate from time to time, and I understand that CME CU may make credit or other decisions based in whole or in part on this information.
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