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Wire Transfers

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Fast, secure and there overnight

Wire transfers are a fast, safe way to move money between accounts at different financial institutions. Within the United States, wires typically arrive at the receiving institution within 24 hours. Wires sent internationally will vary based on the destination country and bank.

To send a wire, we will need:

  • Wire initiated by: Full Member Name (Your name)
  • Email: You will select your primary email address, using the drop-down menu
  • Account Number: This will be the account in your CME CU membership that you will be sending funds from
  • The name and address of the receiving bank
  • The receiving banks 9-digit ABA number (for Domestic Wires), or the receiving banks Swift Code (for International Wires)
    • NOTE: International Wires have different requirements, dependent on the country. The list of requirements are available in Account Manager
  • Account to credit: The account number the money is going to, and the full name and address of the person on that account

To receive a wire, the sending institution will need:

  • Our ABA number – 211589899
  • Your full name, as it appears on your account
  • Your account number
    • You will provide your member number for deposits into your Savings account, or
    • Your checking account number. We refer to this number as the SDC (cross-reference) number. It is the 9-digit number located on the bottom of your checks.

For your protection please be sure you know the identity of the party you are sending money to. Some scammers prey on unsuspecting people by asking them to pay money for something they have won or to receive a deposit from another country such as Canada, England, or Nigeria. Often times they request funds via wire transfer, so it is always best to confirm the identity of who you are dealing with. Visit the Federal Trade Commissions’ website for current scams.

Domestic Wire Transfer Form